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New to Yoga?
​Welcome!!!! We're so happy you found us!! 

Newcomer Special: First week Unlimited Yoga for $25.

We recommend doing yoga as much as possible ... everyday if you really want to reap the benefits.  This will allow you to see how fitting yoga into your busy schedule makes  your life and your body feel so much better. They say, "If you make time for yoga, yoga makes time for you". 

We recommend that you register online.

Try and arrive at least 15 minutes before class.  Arriving early will give you a chance to get changed, talk with your teacher about any concerns or injuries you may have, and get settled in and relaxed before your class.

​All Classes are all-level. You do not have to be experienced or flexible to take the classes. If you are looking for a gentler practice stick to "gentle" and "restorative" classes. If you are looking to fire up your body and your life go for the "flow", "power" and "bliss" classes. We recommend playing with all of the classes. If you are nervous about the heat, first try the "warm"classes. You will notice the benefits very quickly.



Taking the first step can sometimes be the scariest. Jump in and do it, you will not regret it!
​"Saying you are too inflexible to do yoga is like saying you are too dirty to shower".-Ryan Leech

"I have recently joined the classes with Ali and Ricki. As hard as I found the classes at first, it is one of the best things I have ever done for my body. These yoga classes have helped my lower back immensely. I had back surgery last fall and was worried about doing any exercising. These classes have not only helped my flexibility, and my breathing, it has motivated me to also do more workouts. This is the best I have felt in a very long time. Highly recommend yoga for everyone". - Lori McDonald May 2012

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