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I love the instructors, the space, and how yoga makes me feel- Betty August 2015


 I Love yoga at Sweet Freedom because, I learn something new every time. and there is genuine love- Colette August 2015


 I love practicing at Sweet Freedom.....because of its lovely community and gentle energy - Jessica August 2015


I LOVE practicing at Sweet Freedom because of the genuine care and unique perspective that each of the teachers bring with them to their class. I instantly feel at ease when I come in the door- Erin August 2015


 Instructors are welcoming and friendly. The studio oozes love and happiness. my body relaxes when I walk through the door. Love it!- Stacy August 2015


The atmosphere is happy and loving... makes me feel amazing! Can't wait to get back to my practice! Missing everyone!!!

-Alisha August 2015


I have recently joined the classes with Ali. As hard as I found the classes at first, it is one of the best things I have ever done for my body. These yoga classes have helped my lower back immensely. I had back surgery last fall and was worried about doing any exercising. These classes have not only helped my flexibility, and my breathing, it has motivated me to also do more workouts. This is the best I have felt in a very long time. Highly recommend yoga for everyone. - Lori McDonald May 2012

Feel refreshed and rejuvenated after the classes. It is a very nice way to unwind after a day at work, sitting at a desk. I have never been to yoga before. I was very surprised how great I felt after the classes. - Anonymous May 2012

After the classes I feel energized, relaxed, and ready to go. I sleep much better after yoga sessions. Thank you! - Anonymous May 2012

As a busy mom of 3 very active children under the age of 4 the energy I have gets sucked out of my on a daily basis (in a good way) Ali and Ricki give me the me time that I need in a very comfortable, welcoming way. The classes are full of love and energy to give me a boost and give my mind and body the love I know I deserve! Thank you all for all the love. - Jeannine O'Brien May 2012

Came into this, stressed, edgy, and easily agitated. Think I found something to finally give me some balance. Ali seems very much at peace with the world and it is contagious! I will definitely be keeping this up-Nick Navntoft Feb.2012

Ali is amazing! before the six weeks I didn't realize how stiff I was and how small a range of movement I had. But now that the six weeks is done, that has all improved by 110%!! No joke! Ali was awesome and very accommodating. If you want more of a challenge she will give you that but if your looking for modification, she has that too! I got absolutely everything I wanted from Alis teaching. Empowerment, flexibility, clarity, a challenge and motivation. Please do yourself the favor and take Alis class. I can honestly not say enough about Ali, her class, and her personality. -Tamara Garstin Feb. 2012

Ali Fowler= yogi extraordinaire!!! This 6 week vinyasa flow class brought me to places physically and mentally I didn't think I still knew how to get to. Both aspects taught: fast paced flow and the aspects of restorative were helpful and enlightening. If I could I would take the class year round. I can't wait to practice what i have learned at home, in other classes, and with Ali again!! Namaste - Shae Rogers Feb. 2012

 I went into the 6 week class very much a skeptic, but after a couple of Ali's classes I was hooked. She has a way of making me feel like I'm being challenged, having fun, and getting a break all at the same time! -Lauren Maynard 2012

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