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“Welcome to Meditation” 3 week series 

Meditation can be very intimating and even seem impossible. With this completely beginner friendly workshop we will go over the basics of learning to let go, learning to visualize as well as incorporating breath work and grounding methods. This workshop will walk you through the basics of meditation, controlling your thoughts and breath to deepen your connection to your self and the environment around you.

The mission of this series is to make learning and deepening meditation accessible and even fun. We will spend the first half learning the methods and then the last half practicing and implementing the methods. Although this is a beginner based series, people of all levels are welcome!

Join Taylor on April 9th, 16th and 23rd from 1-2pm at @sweetfreedomyoga 

Message Taylor @etherealwellness or text at 250-572-4436 to sign up 

Price: $45 all 3 days, $15 drop in. 

pre sign up to have your name on the list or drop in 

Day 1 - Saturday April 9th, 2022: the basics and learning to let go of your thoughts

Day 2 - Saturday April 16th, 2022: learning grounding methods and visualization

Day 3 Saturday April 23rd, 2022: learning to incorporate breathwork

Bring anything you need to be comfortable